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Topped Toys: Which Size Gape Keeper Is Right for Me?

Are you unsure which size Gape Keeper plug to choose? This article will help you decide.

Topped Toys: Which Size Gape Keeper Is Right for Me?
✨ This is an official Topped Toys article. 📐 All dimensions provided are in inches. To convert the dimensions to centimeters, simply multiply the given number by 2.54.

How to Choose the Right Fit

Selecting the right size toy for your ability level and your goals is an important part of your purchase. Get a toy that’s too small and you’ll quickly wish you’d gone bigger. Pick a toy that’s too big and you might find it relegated to that “box of mistakes” that you keep under your bed. Whatever you do, make sure you’re always playing safely within your limits. It’s better to work toward a goal safely than to push yourself too hard and find you have to take a long break. Use the information below to help you make the best decision for your pleasure.

What Makes Topped Toys Unique?

We’ve all bought toys that didn’t live up to our expectations. Before we started designing toys we did a lot of research on different shapes, sizes, and materials to make sure Topped Toys don’t fall into someone’s box of regrets.

Our toys are made of the highest quality platinum silicone. This means they are durable and safe. In fact, our material is third party approved for application in skin contact uses. Treat your Topped Toys well and they will be with you a long time.

Topped’s super soft material is super comfortable and reduces the risk of injury (though it does not eliminate risk, so be smart). Give one of our toys a squeeze, or a tug, or fold it in half and you’ll see that our toys provide stretch while still conforming to your body shape. This is part of what makes the Gape Keeper series so comfortable for long term wear, and the Chute so pleasurable for playing with a partner.

And Then There’s the Shape

Each of our toys is designed with an intended use, whether that is long term wear, partner play, or rapid destruction.

The Gape Keeper series is designed for long term wear while the Grip is designed to pop in and stay put. The Chute is designed for double penetration with a partner. Each shape provides a different feel and you may find that in one toy you can handle a 2 inch width while in another you can only go to 1.75 inches. Check the collection and product pages for detailed descriptions of each design.

Naming the Toys

Topped Toys are named based on their maximum circumference. The Gape Keeper 55 is 5.5 inches around, while The Grip 126 is 12.6 inches around and The Grip 150 comes in at a massive 15 inches around, and so on.


If you’re familiar with anal play, you may already know a little bit about the architecture of your insides. If not, read on.

Your ass is composed of a few different parts moving from outside to inside. Depending on the toy shape and size different parts will be engaged.

Anus: First, there’s your anus and your sphincter, or your hole. This is the tight circle of muscles (actually two: an internal and an external sphincter) through which you will push a toy. Your external sphincter is made of voluntary muscles meaning you can voluntarily tighten or loosen them. It’s also helpful to remember that, like other muscles, your sphincter muscles can stretch and rebound, building flexibility. For example, just because someone can touch their toes doesn’t mean they can’t stand up straight. With careful controlled stretching of your sphincter you’ll develop flexibility without causing damage. Your internal sphincter is not voluntary and will take gentle coaxing to open.

Rectum: Once you get past the muscles of the sphincter you’re into your rectum. The rectum is larger and can hold the bulb of a toy comfortably. Inside the rectum there are a few major flaps that should be comfortably pushed to the side by the toy. If you feel yourself bottoming out, or like there’s not room inside your rectum for the toy, then it’s best to take a break. Flush some cool water inside yourself or use a hemorrhoid suppository to soothe yourself.

Second Ring: At the top of your rectum there’s a left turn into the sigmoid colon. This bend is sometimes thought of as the “second ring” among deep toy players. Every person is different, but this bend will generally occur 6–8 inches inside you Topped’s larger Gape Keeper (the 108 and 116) will start to engage the second ring and you may find your sphincter and your second ring fighting each other as these larger toys sit inside you. If that sounds like a fight you could win, maybe challenge yourself and try the Gape Keeper 128 or 140. For some this is devilishly pleasurable, others may prefer to stick to shorter toys. Spike is designed with a series of larger bumps that you’ll feel slide past your second ring, which is a great way to become comfortable with the sensation.

New to Play? Start With the Gape Keeper 45

According to, the average erect penis has a circumference of about 4.6 inches. If you’re accustomed to penises only, start with our smallest Gape Keeper, the 45. The 4.5 inch circumference bulb will probably feel like a gentle stretch, and the 2.75 inch circumference neck will sit comfortably at your sphincter. Keep in mind that once the bulb has passed the tighter muscles of your sphincter it will be held in the rectum, which can hold a larger width.

As you gain experience you’ll learn about the unique interior shape of your body and what you can hold. You’ll also become familiar with the sensation of gentle stretching, as opposed to the sharper sensation of pushing yourself too hard. It’s very important to recognize the difference between these two sensations because the first is safe and the second is not.

Once you’re comfortable with the 45, start working your way up the series until you reach your goal.

The Gape Keeper 55

Can’t get enough of being plugged with the 45 eh? Perfect. Your hole is ready for the Gape Keeper 55. It slips in 3/4″ deeper than the 45, so you’ll have a little more to squeeze on. This plug is an all-day-necessity for sluts all around the world.

The Gape Keeper 65

Is the 55 feeling great? Are you ready for more? Size up an inch to the Gape Keeper 65. With the same insertable length as the 55, this toy will give you just a little more fullness when inserted.

The Gape Keeper 75

The Gape Keeper 75 adds an inch of circumference and 3/4 of an inch in length. You’ll probably feel the toy deeper inside you, which will prepare you to move up the series.

The Gape Keeper 85

At 8.5 inches around at the widest point and 5.5 inches at the neck, the Gape Keeper 85 is bigger than what most people are used to but extremely comfortable when worn. Many advanced customers like to buy the 85 in conjunction with the Gape Keeper 116, using the 116 for stretching sessions and the 85 for longer wear. If you’re capable of taking a fist then you’ll find the 85 to be a nice addition into your daily routine when chilling at home or out for a walk.

The Gape Keeper 93

Introduced in January 2020, the 93 is a much-awaited plug! At 9.3 inches around at the widest point and 6.3 inches at the neck, the Gape Keeper 93 is sure to take you a full step-up above the 85 without the added depth of the 100. Many of our more experienced customers like to buy the 93 in conjunction with the Gape Keeper 85 and 100. For some, the 93 is the natural next step up but many will love using it as their next long term wear plug. If taking a fist is something you enjoy the 93 could very well be your next best friend. Wear it when doing house chores or while waiting for your play session.

The Gape Keeper 100

Our large sizes start at the Gape Keeper 100 and expand from there. About the same girth as a fist but with a longer shape, the 100 will provide a deep stretch that slightly engages your second ring after it slides in. This is a great training toy for intermediate players that enjoy fisting on a regular basis and want to work up to an advanced level! Flex your muscles around this toy and you’ll feel intense pleasure against your sphincter and at the base of your spine, sure to keep the hungriest pig happy.

The Gape Keeper 108 and the Gape Keeper 116

The Gape Keeper 108 and 116 are for more advanced players. We recommend working your way up to it with smaller toys first. These larger plugs are sure to push your limits once you slide past the widest point. The softness of the material causes the plug to squish, then slowly expand inside you as your muscles relax. The 108 is a great training and long wear plug for advanced size play while the 116 really packs a punch with its step up in width. Holding the 116 in takes practice, and it will certainly push you to accommodate it. The 116 is an amazing toy if you love the idea of a double fist. Put it in for 20 minutes before a fisting session and you’ll be amazed at how open and ready you’ll be.

The Gape Keeper 128

Our second to largest plug in the series, the Gape Keeper 128 is for advanced players only. While shorter than the 116 it is a wider plug (12.8″ circumference / 4.1″ diameter). At this width, it is best for most players to limit the depth which is why we chose to shorten it a bit. The sensation from the 128 is a mind-blowing deep fullness similar to a double fist. It will leave you coming back again and again.

We highly recommend mastering the 116 before stepping up to the amazing 128.

The Gape Keeper 140

Our second largest plug in the series, the Gape Keeper 140 is a monster made for expert players. The 140 features a mouth-watering max diameter of 4.5″ (that’s 14″ circumference) in our renowned design. We coupled the 140 with a small length reduction from the 128 to focus on making you as wide as possible! At 3.0″ diameter the neck of the 140 is designed to keep your gape wide open while the monster mass settles inside. The sensation from the 140 is truly mind-blowing providing massive fullness similar to getting double fisted by medium-plus sized hands. It will leave you exhausted and wanting another session.

We highly recommend mastering the 128 as well as the larger Grips before stepping up to the amazing 140.

The Gape Keeper 150

If you’re wearing The Gape Keeper 140 as a pacifier between sessions, then you’re ready for the ultimate upgrade. The Gape Keeper 150 is the Everest plug in the Gape Keeper Collection, for those who simply can’t get enough. The massive, mind-melting 15″ max circumference rearranges your insides as it forces you open, leaving you completely breathless and hollowed out. Impaling yourself on this giant plug is something to be proud of – you’ve made it to the huge leagues. So go on, pop in something the size of two fists and carry it around with you. This is what you’ve been training so hard for, isn’t it?


We can’t state enough that you should play within your limits. We know it’s tempting to go for that last inch, but it’s not worth injuring yourself and having to take several months away from play. Use good lube such as K Lube that will keep things moving smoothly. Stop if you’re sore. Stop if there’s a sharp pain or any blood whatsoever, in the lube. Give yourself a proper rest between sessions.

Disclaimer: While we are experienced with playing toys, our advice is not medical advice nor has it been reviewed by a medical professional. Play at your own risk and within your limits. If you have medical questions about toy play you should consult a doctor.

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