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Platinum Silicone

Weredog Sarah Signature Masturbator Roomy

Premium silicone stroker

Code: 220622

This masturbator is handmade from the highest quality silicone in signature colours – Jet/Chocolate/Cream. Sarah has a nice internal stimulating texture, an irresistible velvety soft surface and is beautifully pliable. Total length 20.9 cm, height 11 cm, inner diameter 3.8 cm. Available in two sizes. Detailed description

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Weredog Sarah Signature Masturbator Roomy

Weredog Sarah Signature Masturbator Roomy

Premium silicone stroker

199.00 €
Temporarily unavailable


Why are we so excited about Weredog?

For more than 10 years in the field of sex toys we have not held anything more amazing in our hands. We are incredibly pleased to offer you true luxury – the Weredog silicone toys have captivated us all and they will get you too! The fact that they are not mass-produced toys, but handmade with passion and desire for perfection, will be clear to you immediately. These dildos have a perfect, gorgeous, velvety soft and smooth surface you don’t want to stop touching – just like us!

Thanks to the material, Weredog is softer than any other toys you’ve used to. And it is fantastic! This makes any touch, insertion incredibly real, and when you close your eyes, you simply think it is a part of living being. The material is completely odourless, so if you don’t like specific smell of some materials, Weredog is the obvious choice.

Even if the Weredog dildos have a slightly higher number on the price tag, you will recognize the difference in quality and see for yourself that this investment has paid off. With proper care, your Weredog sweetheart will be bringing you fantastic feelings for years.

Weredog is sure to please fans of fantasy dildos and it is a great alternative to Bad Dragon or Mr. Hankey’s Toys.


Meet Sarah, the draft mare and first penetrative toy from Weredog! This masturbator with a nice internal texture is made of very soft silicone that makes it deliciously pliable. Behind the large lips, there is a spacious chamber at the beginning, which then transitions into a narrower and well-hugging tunnel.

Sarah comes in two sizes: the Snug and the Roomy. Most people are comfortable in both sizes, but if you are more or less endowed you may find that one of the sizes fits you better. For anyone with an average-sized penis, the Roomy will hug and stimulate well, while the Snug will pinch and push a little more. However, they both have the same stimulating texture.

About Weredog

Weredog is a pair of passionate friends working out of Bristol, UK. They were unhappy with the accessibility and quality of “fantasy” toys in Europe, so they decided to change it. Each Weredog toy is hand-manufactured in UK from the finest platinum-cure silicone. Weredog will convince you that even an erotic toy can be a work of art made with attention to the smallest detail.

What are Weredog toys made from?

The material used is platinum-cure silicone – a chemically sufficiently stable material, so there is nothing in the toy waiting for an opportunity to react with anything else. Weredog products contain only silicone and pigment.

Why silicone?

  • It is hypoallergenic – even if you are prone to allergies, there is near-zero chance it will react with your body.
  • Bacteria struggle to cling to silicone – making it easier to wash. Weredog toys can handle quite high temperatures, you can sterilize them in boiling water.
  • It is strong and flexible – the toys can take rougher play without any tearing or splitting.
  • It is stable – the toy does not start to break down over time, and with proper care you can store it for years without changes in the material.

Weredog toys can withstand a lot of love and pleasure if they are properly cared for.

How to care for Weredog products?

There are few things you should know to keep your new playmate in good condition for as long as possible.

After unpacking

Weredog toys are treated with cornstarch, which must be washed off before first use.


Never use silicone lubes with Weredog toys. They can irreversibly damage toy structure. Water-based lubes, with no silicone elements, are ideal. Weredog especially recommends the J-Lube that you can also find in our range.


Store Weredog toys separately from toys produced by other brands. Each dildo comes with a cotton bag to contain your toy, so even if your collection is a little jumbled-together, you can keep it separate.

After use

Silicone is a great material, but it is not self-cleaning. After use, the toy should be washed with warm soapy water to prevent the accumulation of lubricants and bacteria. You can also boil Weredog in water for sterilization.

Unless stated otherwise, all Weredog toys are offered in medium firmness, the split colour models have a firm base. Still, the Weredog dildos are pleasantly soft compared to conventional ones. The resulting softness is also affected by the size of the toy. More bulk resists more to compression and flexing, so smaller toys feel softer, while larger sizes are slightly firmer.


We are currently collecting customer reviews of this product, which will be shown here soon.


EAN 5060760432270
Brand Weredog
Colour Brown, Beige, Black
Experience level (1–10) 😈 3
Masturbator type Other
Material Silicone
Original name Weredog Sarah Signature Jet/Chocolate/Cream Roomy
Recommended lubes Water-based
Size – length total (cm) 20.9
Vibrating No
Weight (g) 816
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