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Push Original Double Booster Large

Aroma booster attachment

Code: 240342

An inhaler with two inhalation holes that greatly amplifies the effects of poppers. Simply screw it onto the bottle and the effect of the poppers will be immediately intensified. Large size (for large square bottles of 24–30 ml). Made in Europe. Detailed description

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Push Original Double Booster Large

Push Original Double Booster Large

Aroma booster attachment

9.90 €
Temporarily unavailable


You will be absolutely delighted with this screw-in inhaler. Its two holes multiply the circulation of poppers, which greatly increases its "kicking" effect. The flow from the bottle is controlled, blending the aroma perfectly along the extended neck for a devastating effect when it reaches you.

Simply unscrew the popper cap, screw the inhaler onto the bottle and you're done! Re-cap the poppers after use.

The large size is intended for bottles with a neck diameter of 22 mm (large square bottles of 24–30 ml). Ask us if you need advice on choosing the right size.

Advantages of the Inhaler

  • Aroma is more intense
  • No direct skin contact with the bottle
  • No skin irritation or redness of the nose or skin
  • Improves the effects of poppers
  • Important Information

  • Do not leave the inhaler permanently on the bottle as it does not prevent evaporation.
  • Do not tilt the bottle, the inhaler does not prevent spillage.
  • Rinse the inhaler with water after use.


EAN 9120051516020
Brand Push
Colour Black
Original name Push Original Double Booster Large
Weight (g) 44
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