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ElectraStim AXIS Electro Stimulator

Advanced electro sex power unit

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High-spec dual output electro sex stimulator with many revolutionary features in the e-stim category. Control AXIS with buttons, motion, gestures, proximity or sound. AXIS is USB-rechargeable, and its software is user-updatable. Detailed description

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ElectraStim AXIS Electro Stimulator

ElectraStim AXIS Electro Stimulator

Advanced electro sex power unit

389.00 €
5 pcs in stock


The ElectraStim AXIS is the most advanced and most versatile electro sex stimulator you can buy. Control AXIS with the buttons, a flick of your wrist, a wave of your hand, the sound of your voice or even the proximity of your partner’s body. AXIS gives freedom to your electro play – the only limit is your imagination!

The revolutionary technology of the ElectraStim AXIS is a world-first for the electro sex category, and nothing like it has been attempted in the wider sex toy industry. With the user-updatable firmware and its wide variety of features that will be enhanced with each update, AXIS will remain at the cutting edge of e-stim technology for years to come.


AXIS is a dual-channel stimulator – it has 2 isolated outputs that can be controlled independently. You can connect 2 bipolar or 4 unipolar electrodes at a time. AXIS provides high output power and is able to power even the largest e-stim toys sufficiently. The intensity can be precisely set using 99 levels from a light tingle to very strong contractions. Experienced electro sex fans will also appreciate the smooth and accurate delivery of every pulse.

Stimulation Modes

AXIS offers 20+ pre-programmed wave and pulse patterns for those who want the work to be done for them. But this is just the beginning! ElectraStim’s AXIS boasts the following modes that will bring your electro play many levels higher.

Flick: The stimulator responds to its movement in space. Thanks to the three-axis accelerometer, the patented Flick mode is more responsive and precise than ever. You can enjoy virtual spanking or virtual wanking and do many other exciting things with the 5 available Flick options.

Tilt: The stimulator responds to its position along the horizontal axis. Lean AXIS forward to increase the intensity or tilt backwards to decrease it. Attach AXIS to your body using the included belt clip and rock your body to build your own custom stimulation pattern. 5 Tilt options available.

Proximity: AXIS is equipped with the proximity sensor, which can control the stimulation intensity. You can simply wave your hand towards and away from AXIS. The closer your hand is, the more intense is the stimulation. The biggest fun starts when you use the proximity of your partner’s body to control the sensations! Place AXIS between you and your partner during sex – every thrust will send e-stim pulses to the connected accessories. 5 different Proximity options available.

Microphone: With the built-in high-fidelity stereo microphone, you can control stimulation with your voice or ambient sounds. You can choose from 10 microphone sensitivity levels and 5 different mode options.

Line-In: This mode lets you play your favourite music or special e-stim audio patterns from a phone, computer or other devices to control AXIS. The stereo input and the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology provide the purest sound control for both Microphone and Line-In modes. Again, you can choose from 5 different Line-in mode options.

Gesture Control

Every feature of AXIS can be operated by hand gestures without touching the stimulator. When you activate the Gesture Mode, you can pass your hand vertically upwards over AXIS to increase intensity for both channels, or wave downwards to decrease both channels. A sideways gesture to the left increases the first channel’s intensity, while the same movement to the right will increase the second channel. With these gestures, you can go through the menu and also change the patterns.

This hands-free control is perfect when your hands are sticky or busy. AXIS responds to any movement in front of the sensor – it can be your hand, arm, leg or even a spanking paddle. You can train all the gestures using a Practice Gestures feature before you try them for real.

100 % Performance Every Time

AXIS has a built-in Li-Ion battery that is easily recharged with the included USB cable. The battery gauge continuously monitors your use of the stimulator and displays accurately the remaining power at your current stimulation level. AXIS provides up to 8 hours of electro play from a single charge and recharges to 80 % in less than an hour.

Thanks to the fully regulated outputs, AXIS delivers the same stimulation intensity every time, no matter what battery level you are at. That is the important feature that many competing power boxes lack.

Perfect for Advanced Users

You can enable additional on-screen technical information like output levels in mA or wavelength in mHz. ElectraStim periodically releases firmware updates with new patterns, features and performance improvements. Updating the firmware is easy, all you need is to connect AXIS to your PC or Mac using the included USB cable and follow instructions on the ElectraStim website.


The high-speed 32-bit ARM Cortex microprocessor inside AXIS allows to process input data in real-time and convert them into high-quality, ultra-smooth stimulation signals. A bright and crisp blue OLED screen displays modes, menus, battery level and a live visual representation of the stimulation passing through each output. The gesture/proximity sensor, 12-bit triple-axis accelerometer, digital sound processing, fully regulated output control circuitry and battery gauge make AXIS a unique e-stim device.

What’s Included?

  • 1x ElectraStim AXIS EM200 dual-channel stimulator
  • 1x padded zip carry case with AXIS logo
  • 1x belt clip
  • 1x USB charging/data cable
  • 1x stereo line-in cable
  • 2x stimulator output cable (with 2 mm pin connectors)
  • 4x square self-adhesive electrode pad
  • 1x reset pin


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Code EM200
EAN 609224032660
Brand ElectraStim
Electrosex – connector ElectraStim/Mystim plug
Electrosex – type Power box
Experience level (1–10) 😈 9
Original name ElectraStim EM200 AXIS Electro Stimulator
Power supply Rechargeable (USB)
Tags Electrosex
Weight (g) 660
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